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B.C. sport sector gathers for Sportscape 2019 on July 17


Sportscape 2019, viaSport's annual session for all of our partners in the B.C. sport sector takes place July 17, 2019.

Non-medical Cannabis Legislation and Sport

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Sport organizations should consider how these changes in cannabis legislation impacts their environment.

Vitamin D and sport performance: more than just for bones

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Need to enhance athletic performance? Look to vitamin D. 

3 habits of a good negotiator

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Relationship preservation can be pushed to the sidelines when emotionally-charged parties in sport face each other in conflict.

Is your sport organization keeping kids safe?

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There’s a critical theme facing society today: sexual abuse. Moreover, sport isn’t spared.

3 areas of focus to minimize sport risk

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Sometimes, the riskiest endeavours reap the greatest rewards. 

From an athlete’s perspective, the above quote rings true. Can the same be said from a sport organization’s point of view? Perhaps not.

3 tips to build your sport brand

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“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”
- Steve Forbes

Where are the athlete activists in Canada?


How can coaches, parents and athletes become more politically engaged? What are implications for athletes using their platform as a means for activism? Where are the athlete activists, such as Colin Kaepernick, in Canada?

Developing "Athleticism" in Youth

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The key to unlocking their interest in activity is to give them the confidence to participate.

3 tips to keep your kid in sport


Being the parent of a young athlete is no easy feat. It can involve practices that occur at unimaginable hours, uniforms with persistent stains, and lost voices from constant cheering. However, the toughest challenge of all can be instilling a love for sport and physical activity that extends beyond their teenage years.