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Sport on the Move

In order to get to the next level of competition, athletes and teams need to be able to travel to camps and championships - particularly in a province like BC which boasts such expansive geography.

Sport on the Move is a grant funding program created to assist with sport-related travel costs for high school sport teams and provincial sport organizations (PSOs) across British Columbia. The funding may be used to support travel to practices, training camps or competitions. This particular grant is not application based; the information below outlines more about how Sport on the Move funding is allocated on an annual basis.

Funding overview

The Sport on the Move grant program is a financial stipend which is offered by the B.C. Government and allocated through viaSport under pre-determined criteria to offset any required costs associated with travel.

High schools will automatically be provided with a financial stipend on a seasonal basis to offset their travel spending, after it is confirmed that their team/athletes make it into provincial high school championships (as reported to viaSport by their high school sport commissioner).

Provincial sport organizations (PSOs) are automatically allocated an overall funding amount on an annual basis, and are responsible to allocate to their athletes/teams based on their identified priorities.

High school sport teams

The Sport on the Move grant is automatically allocated to high schools by viaSport on a seasonal basis to assist in covering costs for teams that have to travel at least 350 kilometres or take a ferry to compete in a provincial championship. The amount of funding allocated for high schools is based on a school’s confirmed participation in championship(s) as indicated by their high school sport commissioner. The number of dollars allocated will vary from year to year, depending on how many eligible schools and teams are reported to have attended championships each season.

To inquire about the schools who have attended seasonal championships (and are eligible for Sport on the Move grants), please contact your local high school sport commissioner. A full listing for each sport is available on the BC School Sports website.

Provincial sport organizations

Funding is allocated to PSOs under their annual funding agreements (“Contribution Agreements”), which are funding contracts that viaSport manages and develops in consultation with the B.C. Government.

Once the PSO receives their funding, it is their responsibility to determine internal distribution of the money based on their annual priorities and needs – e.g. attending training camps, regional events or provincial championships.

For more information on how to access available funding or how funds are distributed at a specific PSO, please contact your provincial sport organization directly. All provincial sport organizations can be found under their respective sport in our Play a Sport section. On each page is an Affiliated Organiztion section that link to various provincial bodies associated with that sport.