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Return to Sport

Return to Sport

Sport in B.C. is currently in the Transition Measures stage according to the
Return to Sport Activity Chart.

Return to Sport Guidelines

Funding announcement for B.C. amateur sportFAQs | Key Messages

Sport is returning to British Columbia in accordance with the B.C. Restart Plan. At the request of the Province of B.C., viaSport has led the creation of a set of guidelines on how to resume sport while operating safely during this pandemic – the Return to Sport Guidelines. As outlined in B.C.’s Restart Plan, sport activities can resume in accordance with the viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines and public health protocols. Sport should be more geared towards community participation and training rather than games and provincial competition. Further information will be shared once it becomes available. 

Sport organizations can/should:

  • Develop sport-specific return to sport guidelines
  • Local Sport Organizations (LSOs) can adapt and/or adopt the approved PSO guidelines, and it is recommended to have these approved by their own boards before resuming activities
  • Work with your insurance provider and/or legal council on risk mitigation
  • Maintain communications with your stakeholders around the status of return to sport plans
  • Consult your local health authority on their plans or guidelines for sport
  • Connect with your facility operators and municipalities to understand the protocols they have in place, as outlined at the bottom of this page
  • Prepare materials that remind your members of public health guidelines, like posters on social distancing and hygiene
  • Encourage your members to remain active while enjoying the outdoors and facilities that have opened in a safe manner

Liability protection announcement: This order will be extended in the legislation after the end of the state of emergency by 45 or 90 days. Given the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19, the ministerial order that protects amateur sport organizations, their employees and volunteers from liability may be extended by up to one year after the state of emergency is declared over, if required.

Minister’s message regarding return to play

Recreation, leisure and individual training activities and facilities considerations

For sport organizations, it is important to ensure facility plans can support aspects of your sport-specific plans. Visit Recreation Facilities Association of BC for additional resources and contact if you wish to have feedback on your sport-specific plan.  





Sport specific guidelines

As each sport complete's their return to sport plan, view each sports guidelines here.


Return to Sport resources

Find resources and tools to help plan your return to sport.