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Communications Toolkit for Sport


Hammer and a Wrench

Whether you are just getting your feet wet or are a seasoned communications professional, this toolkit has something for you. 

With 12 modules in the making, communications expert Arley McNeney provides some tips and tools of the trade to make your job easier.

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Creating a communications action plan (Part 1)

Do you have a communications plan? In the first of a two-part series, we’ll make communications planning easy by walking you through the process step-by-step.

Creating a communications action plan (part 2)

Now, it’s time to put the pieces together! Using the knowledge you gained from Part 1, distill all of the data you’ve collected into a useable communications action plan. 

Finding Newsworthy stories within your sport organization

In this module, we’ll help you identify the storys that will catch the media's attention and share tips on how to find them within your organization.  

How to write an engaging sports article

This module will teach you the nuts and bolts of writing an effective sports article, whether it will be published in a newsletter, on a website or in a media kit.

Seven tips to improve your SEO

This module will help you write more successfully for the web and teach you how to employ basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to make your writing appeal to both living human beings and Google’s search engine robots.

Eleven common press release mistakes

A well-written press release is a key element of any media strategy. We’ve uncovered 11 easy-to-remedy press-release mistakes that may be keeping your sports organization out of the spotlight.

13 tips for giving a great media interview

If you’re not used to receiving media attention, being interviewed can be a nerve-wracking process. We’ve assembled 13 great interview tips to help you promote your sport and tell your story more effectively.

Media monitoring: What it is and how to use it

Media monitoring is crucial to the success of any public relations, communications or marketing plan. In this module, we’ll answer nine common questions and show you some of the great tools you can use.

10 tips for getting the media's attention

You’ve uncovered newsworthy stories within your organization and used them to create engaging, well-written press releases. So why isn’t the press returning your calls? In this module, we’ve assembled the top 10 tips for getting the media’s attention.

Top 10 ways to improve your organization's newsletter

Newsletters often get the least amount of thought and planning simply because they’ve been around for so long. In this module, we’ve uncovered the top 10 ways to make your newsletter live up to its potential.

Ten tips to blast off with e-blasts

It’s time to introduce you to the newsletter’s shorter, nimbler cousin: the e-blast. Given that 122 billion emails are sent per hour, however, many e-blasts get lost in the shuffle. To create e-blasts that get opened, try these10 tips.

Six ways to grow your sport organization's email list

Even the most engaged email lists still lose 20 – 30% of subscribers per year. In this module, we’ll share six tips to help you increase your email list and keep your subscribers hanging on your every word.

Social Media Toolkit

The social media toolkit for sport communicators is intended to help B.C. sport organizations, clubs and other sport-related organizations navigate the confusing and rapidly evolving word of social media.