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Logos and Recognition

viaSport is proud to support you, wether it is support for your organization, an initiative, program, event or coach training course. This page provides guidelines on how to properly acknowledge viaSport and government support to meet the recognition requirements outlined in your agreement with us.

Written acknowledgement

viaSport and the Province of B.C.

In most cases, and according to the specific details of your agreement with us, you will need to provide written recognition for viaSport and the Province of B.C. If that is the case, below are some suggestions to help you:

  • Our organization is funded by, or funded in part by, viaSport BC and the Province of British Columbia.
  • This project was funded by, or funded in part by, a grant from viaSport BC and the Province of British Columbia.
viaSport, the Province of B.C. and the Government of Canada

Certain viaSport grants require acknowledgement of the Government of Canada as well as the Province of B.C. These grants are:

  1. BC Sport Participation Program: Community Sport Program Development Fund
  2. BC Sport Participation Program: Provincial Sport Development Fund

If you received one or both of these grants, please use the language below that includes the federal government:

  • This project was funded by, or funded in part by, a grant from viaSport BC, the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada.

Please note, it is required to include the Government of Canada's logo in your acknolwedgement if you recieved one of the grants above. To download the logo, please visit their website, here.


Media releases and articles

If you are posting an article/blog or issuing a media release about an initiative that mentions viaSport support, you can use viaSport's full boiler plate below:

  • Founded in 2011, viaSport believes that all British Columbians deserve equitable opportunities to develop and realize their potential through sport – as an athlete, coach, official or volunteer. viaSport's purpose is to lead the development and growth of amateur sport in B.C.— bring more families to the field of play, more fans into the stands, more athletes to the podium, more sporting events to the province, and more supporters of the system. Learn more about viaSport at


Connect with us over social media

viaSport has a presence on the major social media platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can acknowledge viaSport's support for your organization, initiative and successful grant application on one these platforms and be sure to tag @viaSportBC. Use the templates below as a starting point.

  • Thank you @viaSportBC for providing [your organization name] with funding through the [viaSport grant name]! Because of your support...
  • Because of @viaSportBC's support through the [viaSport grant name], [your organization name] can...
  • We're excited to announce that [your organization name] was successfully awarded funding through viaSport's [viaSport grant name].


Downloadable viaSport logos

Download the various file types below to provide recognition to viaSport and the Province of B.C. 

viaSport Logo

 download Color 

 download grey



download white



Download Black


download package 

The full package of logos contains both web and vector (.eps) versions.