Injury Prevention & Concussions

More than 40% of child and youth injuries treated in emergency departments are sport and recreation related. Concussions account for nearly 10% of all injuries in sport. 

The greatest number of sports injuries occur among those aged 10-19 years and children and youth are at greater risk of concussions.

Sport injuries can lead to an inability to participate, loss of training and competition time, the decision to quit the sport entirely and potential long term health effects.  Addressing the issues and providing education around prevention strategies is important to supporting healthy and successful participant development and performance. It is important for everyone to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms and what to do if an injury occurs.

A Federal-Provincial/Territorial workgroup on concussions in sport was created in 2015 and is tasked with developing a harmonized approach to dealing with concussions including the aspects of awareness, prevention, detection, management and surveillance. As these protocols and guidelines are developed, viaSport, and its Safe Sport Advisory Group, will look to support education and implementation within B.C.

Injuries are often preventable and in order to decrease the changes of occurrence, ensure that your child:

  • is fit to participate
  • has properly fitted equipment
  • participates in a warm-up before every practice or game
  • is properly supervised
  • follows the rules of play
  • does not play through an injury
  • allows adequate time to recovery from an injury before returning to play

How can I stay active and safe?

Active & Safe

Active & Safe Central is an all new interactive resource with numerous videos and PDFs about common injuries and risk factors so you can learn about how to prevent injury in over 40 sports.