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Safe Sport

Quality sport enriches the lives of everyone involved, provided that their experiences are positive and they reinforce an environment of respect and safety.

Exposure to negative experiences can be harmful and cause individuals to quit.

viaSport has united partners to lead the creation of a culture that places the safety and well-being of participants at the centre of all sport and recreation. viaSport is working with partners to develop and share safety, injury prevention and concussion awareness guidelines, policies, and practices.  



Everyone engaged in sport in B.C. is entitled to a safe sport environment, where bullying is not tolerated. viaSport and its partners are committed to ensuring that participants at every level of sport are aware that bullying of any form will not be tolerated.



More than 40% of child and youth injuries treated in emergency departments are sport and recreation related. Concussions account for nearly 10% of all injuries.  Addressing the issues and providing education around prevention strategies is important to supporting healthy and successful participant development and performance.


How can I stay active and safe?

Active & Safe

Active & Safe Central is an all new interactive resource with numerous videos and PDFs about common injuries and risk factors so you can learn about how to prevent injury in over 40 sports.