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Online Delivery

NCCP Online Delivery is a pilot program led by viaSport to offer coaches with more options to participate in the NCCP. However, coaches are encouraged to choose in-person NCCP courses prior to pursuing Online Delivery, as in-person courses are considered the most effective method for learning. 

Registering for an Online Delivery course

A schedule of Online Delivery courses can be found on our NCCP Course Calendar. Use the filters to select the course and/or region to see if an Online Delivery course is available. 


Attending an Online Delivery course

This is a live, facilitator led, interactive, group-based course offered through Adobe Connect. To participate in an Online Delivery course, you must have a working microphone and speakers, as well as reliable access to the internet (Dial-up or High Speed).

Courses will be delivered using Adobe Connect. All participants must ensure that Adobe Connect will work on their computer, and that their microphone and speaker is connected and functioning properly with Adobe. To test Adobe Connect on your computer, click here.

Any participant who logs into the course but experiences problems with the technology will be removed from the course and will not receive a refund.  

Requirements to attend an Online Delivery course:

  • Participants must have a NCCP number and a Locker account to register.
    • Please ensure email addresses are up to date in the Locker in order to receive relevant course information, including course materials and the Adobe Connect classroom link. 
  • Participants must have a working microphone and speakers, as well as internet access.
  • Course materials will be distributed to participants by email prior to the course. Participants must have a secondary device or access to a printer in order to use the materials during the course.
  • Participants must be logged in and ready to participate by the scheduled start time. Anyone that enters the course late will be removed, and will not receive a refund.


Refund Policy

  • If a course is cancelled by viaSport, participants will receive a full refund.
  • If a participant is removed from an Online Delivery course for any reason, they will not receive a refund.  

Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information. 

Private Groups

Only viaSport is authorized to host multi-sport NCCP courses in B.C. through Online Delivery. If you are interested in having a privately run Online Delivery course, please email to make a request. We will review requests on a case-by-case basis.