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Northern Sport Accessibility Initiative

The region of northern British Columbia comprises more than half the province – approximately 500,000 sq km. And living within such a vast region can come with its challenges, especially for those living with disabilities (visible, invisible, sensory, cognitive and physical).

Fewer services, inaccessible facilities, and smaller populations can restrict opportunities to physical activity and recreation.  

As a legacy of the 2015 Canada Winter Games, the Province of British Columbia, Canadian Paralympic Committee and viaSport have invested over $300,000 in a three-year project--the Northern Accessibility Initiative 2015 partnership--to expand these opportunities and provide people in northern BC living with a disability an enhanced quality of life via sport. 

The partnership is being guided by a team of advisors with decades of experience from disability sport and recreation, sport, community, health, and education sectors—two-thirds of whom are from northern BC. The Northern Accessibility 2015 Initiative Advisory Team will guide in the prioritization of resources, programming, delivery and assessment across the provinces’ largest geographic region, helping develop a “made-in-the-north” accessibility plan, which will become the first phase of long-term sport accessibility strategy for the province.

This project supports Accessibility 2024, a ten-year plan to make BC the most progressive place in Canada for people with a disability.



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