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MOVE to Play

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MOVE to Play’s goal is to increase quality physical literacy and sport opportunities in every B.C. community. We provide trainings and resoucres for activity leaders as well as a Framework of tools and guidlines for building programs and training pathways for programmers.


The MOVE to Play Framework

Guidelines, tools, and best practices for recreation and community programmers and leaders to develop quality physical literacy programs under four key areas:

  • programming
  • training pathways
  • mentorship
  • program accountability.

Programmers can work through the framework on their own or with consultation from a Regional Support. Click to access the Framework.


The MOVE to Play Training

A 3 hour interactive training that offers recreation and sport leaders an opportunity to learn about both the theory and application of physical literacy. Leaders spend the majority of the course learning how to purposefully plan and deliver fun, inclusive, sport, and active-based program. Leaders are introduced to various activities and variations on how the activities can be adapted for all users. Leaders will take away ready-to-use activities and resources for their next program. Overall, the workshop covers:

  • Games and Program Delivery – Purposeful planning and progressions
  • Feedback – Teaching points and how to use them for skill-development
  • Lesson Planning – putting it all together and practice leading


MOVE to Play Resources

Visit the Learning Centre to access the MOVE to Play Resources including:



As physical literacy experts, the Regional Alliance can support the implementation of MOVE to Play in your community.


MOVE to Play Resources

Head over to the Physical Literacy section of the Learning Centre to access 

  • Activity Guides
  • Fundamental Movement Skills Manual
  • Physical Literacy Report Card