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MOVE to Learn School

Schools who sign up as a MOVE to Learn School receive a package of initiatives and ongoing support and mentorship from a viaSport Regional Alliance Support. A list of initiatives included in this package is found here.

Flexible Model

The MOVE to Learn School has a flexible model: school can work with their Regional Support to decide which initiatives are best suit their needs. For example, some may choose to focus on Movement in the Classroom while others focus on Movement in the Gym, or both! Other components that may vary include: 

  • Number of initiatives
  • Components within each initiative
  • Pace of implementation
  • Number of classrooms involved

Movement Ambassadors

Each MOVE to Learn school will have a Movement Ambassador, or team of ambassadors, to help guide and support MOVE to Learn at their school. Ambassadors can be a teacher, special support staff, and/or youth worker. Movement Ambassadors do not need to be physical education specialists or an expert in physical literacy – they just need the passion and drive to increase movement opportunities at their school.

The Movement Ambassador will be the main contact between their school and their Regional Support. They will communicate the needs and interest of their teachers to their Regional Support and help coordinate MOVE to Learn initiatives in their school.


The Movement Ambassador role will differ between schools. Our goal is to make MOVE to Learn as simple as possible by providing the Movement Ambassador with ongoing support. In general, the Movement Ambassador will:

  • Attend a brief intake to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and resources to support MOVE to Learn in their school
  • Communicate initiatives and updates about MOVE to Learn with their educators and school and communicate their educators interests and needs with the Regional Support
  • Collaborate with their Regional Support to plan and coordinate key initiatives that the school and teachers have identified 
  • Be a role model by implementing movement in their classroom and throughout the day

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a MOVE to Learn School or would like to learn more.