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Youth across British Columbia face real and significant barriers to participating in sport, recreation and physical activity.
  • Gay, lesbian and bisexual youth are half as likely to play sport as their straight peers
  • Only three per cent of persons with disabilities participate in organized physical activity
  • Only two per cent of female youth get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day


All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training

Based on deep consultation with nearly 250 youth and over 100 inclusion experts, viaSport’s All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training was developed to equip sport and recreation leaders to make a difference in the lives of diverse youth in their community. 

Through the four-hour workshop, participants learn about the factors that contribute to an inclusive environment, how to identity and address barriers and biases, and steps to take to intervene and stop discrimination. In addition, participants are provided with tools, techniques and best practices to create inclusive sport, recreation and physical activity experiences for youth from underserved or marginalized populations. 

Participants also receive:


Who should attend All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training?

Individuals working with youth in a sport, recreation or physical activity capacity. Whether you’re a coach, sport administrator, fitness instructor, recreation staff member or manager, you will benefit from participating in this training.

If you have questions and/or feedback regarding All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training or would like to host a workshop, please contact us at


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"Amazing! I've taken a number of inclusion classes and programs throughout my education and career, and this training makes everything clear and easy to access.” – Recreation Programmer

“I can use this knowledge in everyday situations to make others feel more included/accepted, to advocate for change and to address instances of discrimination.” – Inclusion Training Participant

“I think having the students [continue to] participate in this training would be a great opportunity that would impact how they approach many of their future endeavours.” – Kinesiology Professor, UBC

Inclusion Training at a glance

  • 1446 participants
  • 77 workshops
  • 34 communities across B.C.
  • 3 communities elsewhere in Canada