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Youth at the Margins

As part of the B.C. Alliance for Healthy Living’s Physical Activity Strategy, viaSport is developing inclusion training to support sport and recreation providers to meet the needs of youth from diverse populations. The objective of this training is to create more inclusive, safe and welcoming play spaces for youth from marginalised populations across B.C., and ultimately contribute to increased participation rates.

Despite the best efforts of many well-intentioned individuals throughout B.C. and Canada, we still lack a coordinated approach for equipping sport and recreation providers with the tools and training necessary to best include youth at the margins. This project is an important step towards understanding and creating the inclusive conditions necessary to make youth feel more included and increase participation. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with youth, as well as partners and agencies who share our commitment to inclusive and welcoming sport and recreation for all British Columbians.

The short term goals of the Youth Inclusion Project are to uplift the voices of the youth from which we heard and turn their insights into tangible training. By September 2018, we will have provided over 600 learners across 5 regions of the province with the knowledge, skills and tools to embed best practices at both structural and interactional levels, in order to better serve all youth.

Marginalized Populations

The Canadian Federal Government defines the following populations as facing systemic marginalisation: girls and women, persons with disabilities, persons who identify as LGBTQI2S, Indigenous peoples, socio-economically disadvantaged, religious, and ethnic minorities and newcomers to Canada, We recognize that many individuals share complex and multiple identities that may overlap or intersect across these, and other populations.