Persons with Disabilities

viaSport seeks to develop a more inclusive sport sector and ensure equitable access to sport and physical activity for persons with congenital, acquired, visible, invisible, physical, intellectual, cognitive and sensory disabilities. One in seven Canadians, or 3.8 million people over the age of 15 are presently living with a disability. While participation data and physical activity rates for persons with disabilities is scarce, it is understood that persons with disabilities are half as likely to be engaged in sport compared to peers without a disability. viaSport is working to increase opportunities for sport and physical activity for persons with disabilities by working directly with sport organizations, disseminating and identifying key information and resources, and sharing effective practices related to creating welcoming and inclusive sport environments.

To champion positive changes so that all British Columbians with disabilities have access and contribute to quality sport and physical activity, viaSport is pursuing the following initiatives:

  • Partnered with Microsoft to consolidate disability sport resources in a new online chatbot entitled Accessibility Sport Hub (ASH)
  • Leading the Northern Sport Accessibility Initiative (NSAI) which aims to expand opportunities and improve access to sport and physical activity for people in Northern B.C. living with a disability
  • Received a federal grant to participate in disability inclusion in sport research in partnership with UBC’s School of Kinesiology
  • Developed an Accessibility Audit Tool to help sport organizations self-assess and enhance their programming to be more inclusive for all participants
  • Created an infographic to share best practices in promoting parasport programming


viaSport Learning Centre

Access a number of resources and best practices to best support persons with a disability in sport and create safe and welcoming experiences.