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Other Funding Sources

viaSport has completed an environmental scan of other funding sources offered to sport in British Columbia and Canada. Navigate through the list below to view an assortment of grants, awards and funding programs eligible to athletes, coaches, officials, sport organizations, sport clubs, adaptive sport and others involved in sport in British Columbia. These funds are filterable by grant audience and grant type. 

If you would like to add a funding source to this list, or report a broken link, please contact us.

This list provides links to external funding sources that are not administed by viaSport. If you have any questions about these funding sources, please contact their organization directly.


Kamloops Tournament Capital Grant

Only amateur sports organizations/individuals are eligible. Events must utilize services/facilities within the City of Kamloops. For two championships held for the same sport on the same date (i.e. boys & girls tournaments), then that event is eligible for one grant only.

Kamloops Winter Games Legacy Fund

Winter Games Legacy Fund Grants are to cover circumstances where a person or group advances beyond local competition, or is recruited to a provincial or nationally ranked team.

Kelowna Athletic Excellence - Sport Grants

The Athletic Excellence Grant has been established to assist high performance athletes or teams with the travel-related expenses associated with participating in high-level sporting events such as provincial or national championships.

Kelowna Sport Education Grant

Supported by the Kelowna 2008 BC Summer Games Legacy Fund, the Sport Education Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to local coaches or officials interested in upgrading their training and/or certification beyond introductory levels. The Grant can also be used for local sport organizations to host advanced sport development courses/seminars for local coaches and officials.

Kelowna Sport Event Grant

This bursary is available to local community sporting organizations hosting a sporting event in Kelowna.


A Sport BC program provides assistance ($150 to $400 in grants) to families of children in need to help kids participate in local activities they otherwise could not afford to participate in.

Langley Sport Hosting Incentive Program

The Sport Hosting Incentive Program is designed to encourage Langley's sport organizations, through limited financial assistance, to host provincial, western Canadian, national, and international amateur sport events within the Township and City of Langley.

N7 Fund Grant

Is awarded to non-profit organizations in the USA and Canada that work to inspire and enable Native American or Aboriginal youth and children through sport and physical activity programming.

PAC and DPAC Grant - BC Government

These grants are available to parent advisory councils (PACS) and district advisory councils (DPACS) to provide funding for extra curricular school-based activites for students K-12. Funding includes sports, arts, education camps, classtrips, playground equipment, scholarships and bursaries. Grants are also available to help support travel to sport competitions and buy equipment for sports teams

Para-Equipment Fund

The Para-Equipment Fund, by Canadian Paralympic Committee and Invacare, aims to assist local and provincial organizations in delivering recruitment programming and expanding the availability of introductory-based equipment. Grants are awarded to cover 50 per cent of the total cost of equipment to a maximum of $5,000.