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Grants FAQ

Do you have a question about viaSport's grant programs? Below you will find the answers to your frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please remember to check each individual grant page for more detailed guideines about eligibility. Also, be sure to read our general FAQ as well.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us.



Can I apply for funding to support capital expenditures (ie: Infrastructure, facility upgrades, new facilities etc.)?

viaSport does not administer any grants that support capital expenditures.
Other organizations that may provide funding include:


Can I apply for funding for my community event?

viaSport administers one event-based grant, Hosting BC, which does not support community events. To find out if your event is eligible to apply for Hosting BC funding, please read the Hosting BC grant guidelines on the individual page.


Where can I find funding for individual athletes?

viaSport does not administer any grants that provide funding for athlete registration, equipment or training. The BC Ferries grant program helps athletes off-set the costs of travel.  Please see our Other Funding Sources page for external opportunities that may be available. Please note, viaSport is not responsible for the information found on external grants outside of our administration.


Where does the funding come from?

A large majority of the grants and funding programs administered by viaSport are financially supported by the Province of BC. If a grant is supported by a private organization or legacy fund, the source of the funding will be listed on the specific grant page.


How will I receive my grant payment?

viaSport will transfer funds electronically to your organization through direct deposit. Applicants are asked to provide banking information before submitting. If banking information is not available during the time of application, please email for alternative options.


Why was my grant application unsuccessful?

  • The amount of applications exceeded the amount of funding available.
    • Tip: Grant guidelines may list certain organizations/events as priority recipients
  • Your organization was not eligible to apply
    • Tip: The grant guidelines PDF provides a list of eligible applicants.
  • Your application did not provide enough information for the review panel to make an informed decision

If your grant was unsuccessful due to other reasons, viaSport grant staff are happy to provide you with extra feedback.


How are the applications reviewed?

Eligible applications are evaluated by a review panel consisting of 4 - 5 specialists in the related sport field. In most cases, viaSport is not a voting panelist but instead administers the meeting. The panel bases its recommendations on the eligibility and assessment criteria described in the grant guidelines, within the context of the applicant’s organization, community that is applying, and regional needs.


How soon will my application be processed?

Within 3 – 5 weeks of the grant deadline, respectively. If you are not contacted by viaSport within 5 weeks, please contact our Grants team at


Can I get a hard copy of the grant or electronic copy to print and mail or email back in?

No. To save paper and reduce environmental waste, all of our grant applications are only available through our online submission program. If you are having trouble submitting the form online please email


How do I apply for a grant?

  1. Visit the viaSport grants page and click on the grant you would like to apply for after navigating through ‘Active’, ‘Processing’ and ‘Upcoming’ filters.
  2. Read through the brief introduction and basic eligibility requirements posted on each grant page. For more in-depth eligibility, navigate to the blue 'Guidelines and Reporting' box to download the grant's guidelines. If you are eligible for a grant, click on the green Apply Now button located beside the grant you wish to apply for on the grants page.
  3. Follow the specific instructions provided on the application form and upload all appropriate documentation.
  4. After you submit, a confirmation number will appear on your screen. Save that number and wait to receive your confirmation email.

Note: If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, notify our grants team by emailing with your confirmation number.

  1. Wait for follow up from the viaSport Grants staff on the status of your application


Am I eligible to apply?

For more information about eligibility, please see the indivudlal page of the grant you are looking to apply for. Under the blue 'Guidelines and Reporting' block, will have PDF copy of guidelines available to read.  If you are still unsure of your eligibility after reading the guidelines, please contact the viaSport Grants team at


Where do I find intake dates and deadline dates for each grant?

Current and upcoming intake dates/deadlines are listed beside each grant on in our Grants section. Please use the filters to navigate through ‘Active’, ‘Processing’ and ‘Upcoming’ grants for specific dates.