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She Plays Female Retention Project Grant

viaSport British Columbia, together with Sport Nova Scotia is pursuing a unique opportunity as part of Sport Canada’s Innovation initiative intended to keep girls engaged in sport. In this pilot program, participating teams and organizations in both British Columbia and Nova Scotia will work to design new aspects of their programs to keep girls in sport and implement them over one sport season.

According to research, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys and by age 17, more than half of girls will have quit sport. We seek to re-define girls’ sport experience by:

  • Putting girls at the centre of driving new solutions
  • Developing and testing multiple approaches with community sport organizations across the province
  • Evaluating those pilot programs in order to understand and share the learnings

What programs are eligible?

Organizations eligible to participate must be working with teams or club programming that already actively involve female and female identified athletes between the ages of 11 and 14.

Once participant organizations are selected, sport organizations and current participants (which may include athletes, parents, coaches and administrators) will work with a Human Centred Design (HCD) facilitator to co-develop a 1 season sport delivery project based on participants’ needs, designing programs and opportunities that are matched to their experiences. Program enhancements could take many forms, including the hiring specialized coaching, purchasing equipment, or defraying additional costs to enhance program accessibility.

Who can apply?

Applicants eligible to apply must be:

  • Not-for-profit clubs and associations that directly deliver organized sport programs to female and female-identified participants between the ages of 11 and 14
  • Available to participate in the design sprint activities prior to the start of their programming between September and December 2020. A Later date may be negotiated provided that it does not affect implementation prior to the start of the sport season.
  • Be in good standing with their respective Provincial Sport or Disability Sport Organization
  • Have programming delivered by trained/certified coaches that have received Criminal Record Checks

* French translation available upon request.


  • Deadline: July 16 2020, 11:59pm PST

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