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BC Sport Participation Program: Provincial Sport Development Fund

The BC Sport Participation Program (BCSPP) Provincial Sport Development Fund is a sport participation program which is supported through bilateral contributions from the Province of B.C. and the Government of Canada and administered through viaSport British Columbia. The BCSPP supports programs that attract:

  • children,
  • youth, and
  • under-represented populations 

to lead active and healthy lifestyles through involvement in sport while also helping to support communities deliver physical activity programming throughout the province.

What Programs are Eligible?

The BCSPP support the development of new programs or needed expansion of existing sport participation programs to different communities or target populations that align with Canadian Sport for Life FUNdamental, Learn to Train, and Active for Life stages, as well as the Awareness or First Contact stages. Programs will develop linkages with local sport service providers, clubs, and schools, to build community capacity and expand programming to attract new participants to sport and increase the number of individuals actively involved in organized sport on an ongoing basis.

Who can apply?

Applications for eligible activities may be submitted, individually or in partnership, by not-for-profit:

  • Recognized or Accredited Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs)
  • Recognized or Accredited Disability Sport Organizations (DSOs)
  • Multi-regional delivery agencies or organizations that demonstrate the ability to successfully reach a significant or specific target group and are provincial in their orientation (i.e. Boys and Girls club, Scouts, Big Brothers/Sisters, etc.)

ccessful project.