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BC Ferries Sport Experience Program

Through the BC Ferries Sport Experience Program, BC Ferries and viaSport provide travel support to eligible not-for-profit sport organizations and athletes.

Vouchers may be used by athletes traveling to compete in:

  • International Events, National Championships, Western Canadian Championships, Provincial Championships, Selection Camps hosted in British Columbia
  • Does not include: B.C. High School Provincial Championships, pre-season, tournaments, regular season league or event play


Who can apply?

Applications may be submitted, individually or for a group, by the following:

  • Athletes aged 18 years and younger, or someone representing the athlete (e.g. parent, guardian, coach)
  • Not-for-profit provincial sport organizations
  • Not-for-profit local sport organizations, clubs and associations that are:
    • a member in good standing of an appropriate provincial sport organization OR working in partnership with an appropriate provincial organization; and
    • demonstrate inclusive and equitable practices that maximize sport, recreation, physical activity and leadership opportunities in the community
  • Coaches or officials traveling to a recognized certification or professional development opportunity

Applications for ferry vouchers must be received at least 12 business days (between and including Monday to Friday, not including weekends and public holidays) before the first day of travel in order to be considered. Exceptions will not be made for late applications.