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SportSmart Workshop

SportSmart: Injury prevention and Performance Workshop by SportMedBC introductory safety and performance tips designed to help parents, coaches and managers understand how to better prepare athletes, prevent injuries, and facilitate the development of children in athletics. 

Topics covered include sport preparation, recognition and management of common injuries and recover. 

In a fast-moving, 90 minutes workshop, SportSmart participants will learn:

  • The different components of fueling for performance
  • The proper pre-event nutrition strategies
  • The fundamentals of in-competition nutrition
  • Hydration guidelines and strategies
  • Post-event nutrition guidelines
  • Introduction to meal planning
  • Recovery through nutrition
  • Where to find the most up to date nutrition resources and tools

* BCRPA Continuing Education Credit : 1.5


Location: Online using Zoom

Cost: $15 (+GST)

Register: Click here

Contact Information
Name: Kathy Shahbaz
Phone: 604.294.3050

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Coaches Week 2018
September 19, 2020 to September 27, 2020