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NCCP Planning a Practice (Online Delivery)

Nov 28 2022 - 5:30pm to Nov 30 2022 - 8:30pm

Course description:

The Planning a Practice module will give you the skills to:

  • organize a well-structured practice plan with safe, age-appropriate activities you’ve designed to match the proficiency level of participants;
  • identify potential risk factors that could impact the sport and practice activities;
  • identify practice goals and design activities that offer the best training benefits for the athletic skills required in your sport.

Please note: This is a live, facilitator-led, interactive, group-based course offered online through Zoom. To participate in an Online Delivery course, you must have a working microphone and speakers as well as reliable access to the internet (Dial-up or High Speed). It is also strongly reccomended that all participants have an updated version of the Zoom platform intstalled, to ensure quality learning.


Host: viaSport BC

Venue: Online through Zoom

Dates/Times:  November 28th and 30th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm bofth days

Cost: $90 + GST

Registration: Register Online here

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