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Dispute Prevention and Resolution - Prevention

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Prevention: Reducing the number and magnitude of disputes

As part of the Dispute Prevention and Resolution Framework, viaSport prioritizes PREVENTION as a key to reducing the number and magnitude of sector disputes. 


Types of prevention that occur in sport: How to implement this prevention in your sports organization.
  • Ensuring sports organizations adopt high quality dispute prevention and resolution policies.
  • Increasing the level of dispute prevention & resolution expertise within the BC sport sector
  • Supporting sport organizations to properly implement their bset practise policies and operate in a fair & transparent manner

Below are a collection of recommended resources, templates and educational opportunities vetted by viaSport for use as guidance to help strengthen your organization and help proactively prevent disputes.

Education: workshops, seminars & conferences

viaSport helps facilitate a range of dispute prevention and resolution education opportunities:

1. viaSport Workshops 

  • Coaches viaSport provides education through the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP), including the “Making Ethical Decisions” & “Managing Conflict“ modules, which are both geared towards dispute prevention and resolution. See viaSport's course calendar for upcoming workshop dates.

Publications & Resources  

Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC)

SDRCC is the national custodian of sport-specific expertise in dispute prevention and resolution. Their publication webpages reflect their national focus, yet provide many resources relevant and useful in understanding dispute prevention and resolution in BC:

Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC)

SIRC is a national body which works to enhance the education of all Canadian and International organizations and individuals involved in sport and fitness through quality information and learning services. They offer a wide range of sport resources, including:


  • Risk Management Guide for Community Sporting Organizations: A guide intended to help volunteers and staff of local sport organizations make better decisions. Designed for leaders, administrators and volunteers within sport organizations and sport clubs, the Risk Management Guide explains current risk management processes and how they can be applied within your organization. The Guide also includes examples of excellent practices, tools and numerous templates that can be adapted for your purposes. By incorporating risk management principles into everyday practice, leaders within sport organizations will minimize risk, enhance decision-making, and create more productive and resilient organizations. website is provided the Justice Education Society. Their helpful early resolution pages include these excellent videos:

Policy Templates

Below are a range of best practice policy templates for sport organizations:

Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC)

SDRCC has developed a number of ready-to-use contract clauses, agreements and sample policies.

viaSport Templates

viaSport has developed policy template for your use:

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