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Dispute Prevention and Resolution


A referee giving a soccer player a red card.


A "sport dispute" occurs when a sport organization takes an action that a member disagrees with, after which they ask for the action to be formally reviewed.
Disputes are a substantial drain on the sport sector in British Columbia, absorbing time, money and energy that sport organizations could otherwise invest to increase quality and participation in sport and physical activity across the province.

viaSport, with the support of partners at the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of BC (ADRBC) is working towards the goal of reducing the number and magnitude of sport disputes that occur in British Columbia every year.

Learn more about the Guiding Principles and viaSport's partnerships with the SDRCC and BCAMI in support of the Dispute Prevention & Resolution Framework.


BC's Sport Dispute Prevention and Resolution Framework

viaSport has developed a Dispute Prevention and Resolution Framework in partnership with the SDRCC for use by the sport sector in British Columbia. The goal of the Framework is to help guide and support BC's provincial sport organizations (PSOs) to reduce the number of sport disputes through the following framework sections:

Framework: Dispute Prevention and Resolution
Prevention Reducing the number and magnitude of disputes
Early Resolution Minimizing the negative impacts of disputes by resolving early, without escalation
PSO Appeal Ensuring effective in-house resolution of disputes by provincial sport organizations
External Appeal Accessing an independent, external appeal process as an alternative to litigation



A web showing the process for dispute prevention and resolution.