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Research Report: The Status of Coaching and Coaching Education in BC


viaSport’s vision is a society where people and communities are truly healthy, vibrant and connected because they value and participate in sport experiences that are safe, inclusive and meaningful. This vision inspires our commitment to attracting and retaining participants in sport in British Columbia, an objective that relies on high quality coaching to achieve success. Not only are coaches considered participants themselves, but they are also invaluable contributors to the delivery of quality sport experiences.

Recognizing the importance of the role of coaches within the system, viaSport conducted research in 2018/2019 to gain a deeper understanding of the enablers and challenges related to the following themes:

  1. RECRUITMENT – all participants have access to a qualified coach.
  2. TRAINING & EDUCATION – all coaches have access to high quality training and opportunities to advance their education.
  3. RETENTION – coaches are recognized for their efforts and accomplishments.
  4. STANDARDS – all sport organizations uphold minimum coaching standards to protect coaches and their athletes.

An independent researcher was contracted to collect data from six different key stakeholder groups. Surveys were conducted with the following groups:

  • Local Sport Organizations (LSOs): 142 respondents
  • Coach Developers: 124 respondents
  • Coaches: 543 respondents

Interviews were also conducted with 15 Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs), seven Regional Alliance (RA) centres and six members of the viaSport Coach Advisory Group.



Executive Summary - Prepared by viaSport

Full Research Report - Prepared by Dr. Jonathon Edwards


All information collected through this process has been anonymized. Any identifiable information was handled by the lead researcher and destroyed upon competition of the project.


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