Hosting a NCCP Course


Within B.C., viaSport works with a network of community partners to deliver multi-sport NCCP courses. Host Organizations are responsible for scheduling the course, adhering to course standards, organizing materials, contacting and paying Learning Facilitators, securing appropriate facility space for the course, course marketing, coach commuincation, coordinating registration etc. 


Becoming a Host Organization

To become a Host Organization with viaSport, please review the processes and terms in the documents below, and submit an application. Effective September 1, 2018, all organizations who wish to host multi-sport NCCP courses must apply to viaSport. There is no cost to apply to be a Host Organization. 



Host Agency Responsibilities/Information - valid until August 31, 2018

Course Scheduling

For courses running prior to August 31, a completed Course Application and Materials Order Form must be sent to viaSport as soon as your course dates and location are confirmed. If you do not need to order materials but are hosting a course, you still need to inform viaSport of the course details at or 778-655-1752. If your course is a public course we will post it on the calendar to increase promotion. If you would like to use NCCP images to promote your course, email, indicate what type of images you are looking for. 

Course materials may be delivered to the host or to the facility at which the course will be hosted. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure the correct materials arrive before the course begins.

Please note that all invoices regarding the material request will be issued from our third party shipping company, Infigo Imaging*. Shipping costs will be added to all invoices unless you specify that you will come and pick them up from the shipping company; Infigo located at #150-3820 Cessna Drive, Richmond, BC, V7B 0A2.

*Refund/Cancellation Policy - viaSport issues NO REFUNDS/RETURNS on course materials.


Facility Booking and Technology Requirements

Facility requirements vary depending on the nature of the course and number of participants, but the minimum requirement is a classroom with tables and chairs, and extra room to move around. Please check with the Learning Facilitator if special space is required.

All multi-sport courses include a powerpoint presentation, and as such, the host should be prepared to provide a computer and projector (though many facilitators will bring, at minimum, their own laptops). Wifi is strongly recommended for the facilitator’s use. If the nature of the course requires participants to bring in electronic devices, the room should have sufficient plugs and power bars.


If the host wishes to provide refreshments and/or lunch the costs must be covered by the host organization.


Registration & Costs

The hosting agency is responsible for setting the participant registration fee, based on facility, manuals and Learning Facilitator costs.  It is recommended that all participants pay in advance at the time of registration. The host agency is also responsible for ensuring that the NCCP multi-sport course description is available in the course details/event information messaging, or is linked to the CAC multi-sport course descriptions.

The following course fees are suggested as guidelines:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills - $50-$75
  • Competition-Introduction & Competition-Development:
    • 2-4hr courses - $40-80
    • 4-6hr courses - $80-120
    • 6-10hr courses - $100-150 


The recommended minimum number of participants to run a typical workshop is 8 and the maximum is 20 (Reisistance Training typically has a maximum of 8 participants).  Exception to these guidelines can be made, as it is the hosting agency's decision regarding the amount of money required to subsidize the course in the event of low enrollment.

Note: It is strongly recommended that the host organization have coaches provide their NCCP number upon registration for administrative purposes. If a coach does not have a NCCP account, they can create one prior to registering for the course at:


Learning Facilitator

The host agency is responsible for paying the Learning Facilitator (LF) an honorarium and travel expenses.  The Learning Facilitator is to be paid directly and immediately following the course.  Any other arrangements should be discussed with the Learning Facilitator. The recommended Learning Facilitator honoraria is based on the total number of hours of the course. Please confirm directly with the LF about payment. *Note* The recommended amounts are scheduled to be reviewed for increases in the Spring of 2018.

  • Fundamental Movement Skills: 
    • Trained LFs: $150-$175 per course
    • Certified LFs: $200-$250 per course
  • Competition-Introduction: $40-50 per hour
  • Competition-Development: $60-70 per hour

If the LF is required to travel, he/she should be paid $0.50/km, and would have hotel/per diem also covered by the host. All travel details should be agreed upon at the time of course booking. The host agency should provide the LF with a course roster the week before the course, which must include participant’s NCCP number and email address. The LF may request additional information.

It is strongly recommended that host organizations clearly outline for both the LF and coaches their policies on:

  • On site registrations
  • Wait-listed individuals
  • Timeline for cancelling a course
  • Cancelling a course on-site if minimum numbers aren’t met  
Learning Facilitators (All courses) Learning Facilitators (Fundamental Movement Skills)
List of Certified BC LFs LFs for NEW (2018) FMS module
List of Trained BC LFs  

NOTE: 'Certified' LFs are endorsed by viaSport, and have successfully passed an evaluation of certain abilities which are deemed important in the training of coaches. 'Trained' LFs have completed all necessary training but have not completed an evaluation yet.


Coach Communication

Host agencies are responsible for all coach communication. This includes:

  • Ensuring coaches meet the minimum age requirements of 14 years old.
  • Ensuring coaches understand suggested or required pre-requisites for courses (if applicable, confirm with LF)
  • Ensuring coaches receive pre-course assignments/tasks (if applicable, confirm with LF)
  • Communicating with coaches if there are technical requirements for the course (BYO laptop/device and to ensure specific files are working). Some modules require the use of a device and the use of Microsoft Office (Excel).
  • Collecting relevant information from coaches (contact information, NCCP number)
  • Ensure participants understand that full attendance/participation is requirement for course credit to be granted, and that coaches coming late to the course or leaving early will not be granted full NCCP credit.
  • Send out a recap email to coaches with the link to the feedback survey


Course Administration

After completion of the multi-sport NCCP course, either the host administrator or the Learning Facilitator must enter the Event into the NCCP database - The Locker, in order for the coaches to receive credit for the modules completed.  (Note that it is the Learning Facilitator's responsibility to ensure the Event is submitted). Submitting the event as soon as possible after each course will ensure that the Coaching Association of Canada receives the appropriate information in a timely manner and the coaches are credited appropriately.

Locker events will be rejected if:

  • A role is not assigned to the LF
  • Coaches/Leaders are missing an actual birthday or email address
  • The LF is not qualified to deliver the module (including not having completed MED evaluation)
  • Course information is inaccurate or incorrect