Coaching history

Coaches viaSport is a legacy of the Coaches Association of British Columbia (Coaches BC).

In September of 2012, a transition began to transfer programming and services from Coaches BC with the goal of simpliflying the sport sector and consolidating services to deliver more effective and efficient services. The decision was made following a comprehensive review of the sector lead by the provincial government and B.C.'s multi-sport organizations, like Coaches BC. At the Coaches BC Annual General Meeting on September 10, 2013, the voluntary dissolution of the Coaches Association of British Columbia was approved and passed by voting members. All programs, services and financial responsibility was transferred to viaSport and full integration began at that time.

The final elements of transition were completed in the spring of 2014. To date, a Coaches Advisory Group - a team of experienced and knowledgeable sport leaders in coaching - has been formed as a means to act in a consultative capacity to viaSport coaching staff. 

viaSport is proud to carry the legacy of Coaches BC forward into future projects and initiatives, to ensure the continued growth and support of coaching in British Columbia.

The history of Coaches BC (1990 - 2013)

In 1990, a Canadian Conference on coaching was held. A resulting strategy identified during the conference was the need for all provinces to establish a provincial coaching association. After many meetings driven by people such as Bob Bearpark, Jack Miller, and Richard Way, the Coaches Association of British Columbia (CABC) was born in February 1993.

On April 5, 1993 Gordon May was hired as the Manager of CABC. Under Gord’s leadership over the next nearly 20 years, CABC (later known as Coaches BC) achieved many milestones while focusing on becoming the "voice of BC coaches and the leader in coaching development." In the summer of 1993, the first edition of CABC’S quarterly magazine, BC Coaches Perspective, was released. Soon after, in the fall of 1993, CABC proudly announced that all full CABC members will be able to receive coaching insurance coverage.

1994 was a busy year for CABC as several new coach support initiatives and resources were developed and released. A CABC 1-800 number became available allowing coaches from across the province to easily access CABC services, a resource library was established and became available to CABC members, and a Coaching Contract was developed to assist BC coaches in ensuring fair treatment while negotiating with employers. June 1,1994 marked the first CABC Annual General Meeting held at the SFU Harbour Centre.

Over the next several years, CABC continued to grow its legacy through further accomplishments and initiatives. A Coaches Code of Conduct was developed as well as, in partnership with the then called Ministry of Sport, a Coach Employment Resource Guide designed to assist in the hiring standards of BC coaches. The first joint publication of BC Coaches and Coaches Perspective was launched and named BC Coaches Perspective. Soon after, the CABC held a total of over 1000 members. In 1997, the first CABC Coach of Year Awards winners were announced.

In the summer of 2000 the Coaching Female Athletes resource was developed and launched. This was followed by several additional coach resources and initiatives, including the first ENews distribution in the spring of 2003 and the resource “The Coach Parent Handbook” in the fall of 2004. In January 2005, CABC began to implement the new NCCP coach certification format in BC. This year also saw a continued focus on CABC membership when an online membership registration system became operational (winter of 2005) followed by the launch of a Members Only area on the CABC website in the fall of 2006.

Another landmark in the history of CABC occurred in September 2007 when CABC received an Official Proclamation from the Ministry of Tourism, Sport, and Arts for the first ever BC Coaches Week. Shortly after, CABC moved its office to Richmond BC where they continued to create new coaching resources. In April 2011, CABC officially changed their name to Coaches BC and in May 2011 Coaches BC hosted their first Learning Facilitator Conference held in Whistler, BC.

Coaches BC is very proud of the legacy that has been built and looks forward to continuing to serve all BC coaches by working to enhance the expertise and value of coaches in communities and organizations through viaSport.