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Coaches are community leaders who can inspire passion for sport and physical activity. They mentor young athletes to develop essential life skills, as well as help them realize their potential. Participating in coach education significantly increases a coach’s confidence in his/her abilities. Having trained coaches is one of the key factors that contributes to a quality sport experience.

As the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative (PTCR) for the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), viaSport is responsible for the advancement of coaches through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). We support the Regional Alliance and our Provincial Sport Organization partners with the delivery of multi-sport NCCP coaching courses.

viaSport leads the development of a robust delivery system that helps the provincial sport organizations achieve the highest standards for coaching quality through: 

  • Leading professional development for coach administrators and coach developers
  • Promoting the Responsible Coaching Movement
  • Partnering with CAC and post-secondary institutions to embed NCCP in post-secondary education programs
  • Leading the Coaches Advisory Group to ensure all sport participants have access to the highest quality coaching services in the province
  • Providing resources, grants and consulting services


New to coaching and ready to learn the basics? Learn about building a practice plan with the Coaching Associations of Canada's FREE online tool!


What courses do I need to coach a specific sport? Use CAC's tool below to find out what you need!


The CAC and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, promote the following three steps as the key to a safe environment:

  1. Rule of Two – No coach is left alone or out of sight with a child
  2. Background Screening on the coach, including criminal record checks
  3. Respect and Ethics Training for coaches and parents