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Erase Bullying in Sport


Take the Pledge today to #ERASEbullying in sport

Bullying is unwelcome or aggressive behaviour that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and can take many forms including physical, verbal, emotional or other types of intimidating or humiliating behaviours. The behaviour is often repeated and can occur on or away from the playing field, court or arena.

A sport environment in which participants - athletes, coaches, volunteers and officials – are exposed to negative experiences, such as bullying, can be harmful and cause individuals to quit, and viaSport and the Government of B.C. want to ensure participants at every level of sport are aware that bullying of any form cannot be tolerated. 

To achieve this, the B.C. sport sector is committed to promoting positive, respectful, engaging, accessible and inclusive environments for all participants, and to ensuring a safe, welcoming and positive sport culture and environment for all British Columbians.

The #ERASEbullying campaign is an important part of this initiative and a key highlight will be on Pink Shirt Day, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, when provincial sport organizations are invited to come together to celebrate the Province’s first Declaration of Commitment to erase bullying in sport throughout B.C. 

So, stand with us, take the pledge and encourage your sport organizations to support this initiative to #ERASEbullying in sport.

If we stand together, we can erase bullying in sport.


Take the Pledge to #ERASEbullying


B.C. Sports Organizations Speak Out



of B.C. sports organizations surveyed believe sport bullying is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.



of B.C. sports organizations surveyed say they know of athletes who have dropped out of sport because of bullying.



of B.C. sports organizations surveyed say they know of officials, coaches, managers, board members and other volunteers who left a sport due to bullying.


Your Turn to Speak Out


Download the Declaration of Commitment and have your organization sign it.

Upload it using the link below and join sport organizations across B.C. in acknowledging that they have a commitment to erase bullying in sport!



We encourage you to become an advocate and Pledge to #ERASEbullying in sport! By taking the Pledge, you are showing that you care about making B.C.’s sport system safer for all participants.


Take the Pledge to #ERASEbullying


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When you upload your signed Declaration of Commitment, your name will appear on our list of publically acknowledged organizations who commit to #ERASEbullying!