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What has sport done for you?

#BCSportMakesMe is a new campaign across B.C. celebrating the ways that sport has shaped our lives. Sport contributes to the best in all of us BeCause it allows us to:


Sport equips all people with skillsets and connections that are foundational. It sharpens our competitive nature, teaches teamwork, builds community identity, and introduces us to mentors who can transform our lives.

Whether kids, teens, adults or seniors, sport keeps us active and engaged, physically and socially. It helps us maintain healthy habits, mental acuity, and of course, relationships with the people we’re playing with. 

Bringing Sport Back

While almost all British Columbians agree in the value of sport, over the past few years, participation in sport has declined across the province, and youth across the country are spending less time getting physical activity from recreation. It’s time to bring the benefits of sport back for British Columbians of all ages, abilities and all walks of life.

No matter who you are, it’s easier than you think to find a sport experience that’s right for you. If you or someone you know are looking get back into sport, start here: 

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Check out the #BCSportMakesMe campaign launch video below

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Has sport played a positive role in your life? Does it continue to? Join our campaign by downloading one of several social media templates and add to an old — or recent — photo of yourself participating, officiating, cheering on and supporting.

Then tag us on social with the hashtag #BCSportMakesMe.




Download a video intro and outro below, which you can add to the beginning and end of your own video using video-editing software, and then share through your social media account(s).

Download Video Intro & Outro


If you would like to create an image-based post, please find a transparent PNG with the campaign’s look/brand that you can place your photo within by using photo-editing software. 

Download Image Template


If you would like to simply post a ready-made template featuring some of the most common sports/activities, please choose from the following link, download and then share away! 

Download Ready-Made Templates


If you don’t have photo or video-editing software, download the above Video Intro & Outro, and/or the PNG image template. Then log into Canva - an easy-to-use online graphic tool, where you can upload the downloaded materials – and easily plug your picture/video(s) in.

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