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BC Coaches Perspective Magazine

BC Coaches Perspective is a publication that was produced by Coaches BC on a quarterly basis. viaSport will produce the final issue in Fall 2014.


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 Special Final Edition Summer 2014

  • Eating on the road: Tips to staying healthy (Patricia Chuey)
  • Watson's Whys: Why we need to be better (Laura Watson)
  • BC Coaches Week 2014: September 20 - 27(Special Feature, viaSport)
  • Coach of the Year winners - 2013 
  • Using music as a warm-up for winning (Book exceprt - Jay Dawes & Mark Roozen)
  • Avoiding the trap - Identifying and preventing thinking traps (Dr. Sharleen Hoar)
  • Honouring Bob Bearpark's legacy through Coaches viaSport (Meaghan Rentmeester & Isabelle Mate)
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 Spring 2014

  • 10 things parents look for in a youth coach (Michael Langlois)
  • Watson's Whys: Being the token female on the bench (Laura Watson)
  • How to treat an athlete with a head injury, book excerpt (Human Kinetics)
  • Coaching and officiating grant helps turn spectators into trained, qualified role models (ViaSport)
  • Understanding Physical Literacy (Eric Sinker)
  • Coach Profile: Richard White (Ringette)
  • Using music as a warm-up for winning (Hannah Farmer)
  • Coaching: Whatever advice you give, be brief (Allistair McCaw)
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Fall 2013

  • Catch First...Then Coach [Part 2] (Kristine Chambers)
  • Watson's Whys: Sharing 101 for Coaches (Laura Watson)
  • Developing Speed book excerpt (Human Kinetics)
  • BC Coaches Week | Contests and Events
  • Coach of the Year 2012 Winners
  • The Importance of Staying Hydrated (SportMedBC)
  • Recognizing the Signs of Burnout ( Melissa Lambert)
  • The Question of Sport Specialization (Richard Way)
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Summer 2013

  • Catch First...then Coach [Part 1] (Kristine Chambers)
  • Watson's Why's: The End of "Peak by Friday" Coaching (Laura Watson)
  • Tips for eating right after exercise book excerpt
  • Leading Your Best Game: NHL Insights from Ryan (Ryan Walter)
  • When The Body Says "Yes," But The Mind Says "No" (Tom Hurley)
  • Everything In Moderation: Your Athlete's Social Media is 
    No Exception (Kevin Jagger)
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Spring 2013

  • Carbohydrates: The Underappreciated Macronutrients! (Kat Ciecierska, B.Kin. & Kristin Schwab, B. Kin.)
  • How Do We Make NCCP Certifications Accessible For All? (Leah Warwick)
  • Watson’s Why’s: Why Do We Assume the “Good Coaches” Should Coach 
    at Higher Levels (Laura Watson)
  • How To Teach Players During The Heat Of The Game (Doug Abrams)
  • Giving Kids Ownership Over Their Fitness Programs (Dave Gleason)
  • Why Performance Training Alone Isn’t Enough (Melissa Lambert)
  • Coach Profile: Allison McNeill
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Special Edition 20 Year Anniversay

  • Tribute to Gord May
  • Tribute to Jack Miller
  • Tribute to Bob Bearpark
  • The Early Years
  • Board of Directors – Years of Service
  • Making a Difference – One Year at a Time
  • 20 Boards Over 20 Years
  • Recognizing the Coach of the Year Winners
  • Reflections from Our Learning Facilitators
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Winter 2013

  • Kids need to learn how to lose (Michael Langlois)
  • Watson's Whys: Sharing 101 for Coaches (Laura Watson)
  • Competing in heat or cold book excerpt (Human Kinetics)
  • 14 New Year's Resolutions for 2014 (ViaSport)
  • The role of the parent (Michelle LaRowe)
  • DELIBERATE practice (Tom Salville)
  • Coach Profile: Marie Telder (Special Olympics BC)
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Fall 2012

  • Youth Resistance Training (Lachlan James)
  • Burnout Prevention (Karen Coffin)
  • BC Coaches Week
  • 2011 Coach of the Year Winners!
  • CSC Pacific Coach Connect
  • The “C” in BPEC (Gord Sturrock)
  • Watson’s Why’s (Laura Watson)
  • Stretching has Five Benefits for Athletes
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Summer 2012

  • True Colours and Coaching – Tom Doyle
  • CSC Pacific Coach Connect – NCI BC Update
  • Constructive Feedback – Richard Wooles
  • What We Really Learn from the Games – Laura Watson
  • Dynamite Demonstrations – Brad Stoffers
  • Using Social Media to Communicate Positively - From Successful Coaching by Rainer Martens
  • 11 Ways to Stay Up When Things Bring You Down - Coach Dawn Reid
  • New Segment: Watson’s Why’s
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Spring 2012

  • Recovering from Recovery: Recovery in Perspective (Wayne Goldsmith)
  • Are You an Inspirational Youth Coach? 10 Things to consider (Michael Langlois)
  • Coach Development – Why BC Soccer is Doing it Right (Laura Watson)
  • Coaching a Difficult Child (Melissa Lambert)
  • Featured Coach Profiles – BC Rugby’s Shane Thompson
  • Early Sports Specialization for Children Does Not Guarantee Results (Stacy Irvine)
  • Sport BC’s46th Athlete of the Year Awards – Coach of the Year Finalists
  • Equal Playing Time Before Middle School (Doug Abrams)
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Winter 2012 - 2nd Edition

  • Coaching in the Weight Room (Jim Kielbaso)
  • Inclusive Coaching (Dylan Brown)
  • Authority and Reponsibility Come With Being a Coach (From Sport and Character by Craig Clifford and Randolph M. Feezell)
  • Coaches Week Reflections
  • 2012 ACE Award Winners
  • Future Coach? (Jane Allen)
  • Periodization for BC Coaches (Lachlan James)
  • Watson's Whys (Laura Watson)
  • Coach Profile - Golf BC
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Winter 2012 - 1st Edition

  • Athlete Selection (Laura Watson)
  • Coaching Through Conflict (Ryan Hedstrom)
  • Achieving Community Excellence (ACE) Coach Awards
  • Coaches Week 2011: A Week in Review
  • Deliberate Play (Sean Fyfe)
  • Coaches Play Important Role in Concussion Safety (Lindsay Barton)
  • Supporting Athletes in the Digital Age (Lisa Nielsen)
  • Genetics: Which Way to the Top? (Inigo Mujika)

  Fall 2011

  • The Team Captain (Laura Watson)
  • Child Athletes on the Fast Track (SportMed BC)
  • BC Coaches Week overview
  • The Benefits of BC Athlete Voice for your Athletes (Dave Newson)
  • Motivation and Coaching (Wayne Goldsmith)
  • Being the Best Leader for your Athletes (Leah Warwick)
  • Is Coach Education an Answer to Healthy Living in BC? (compiled and written by Laura Watson)
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Summer 2011

  • How a Group Becomes a Team? The Stages of Team Development (compiled by Laura Watson)
  • Learning Facilitator Conference Wrap-Up (Laura Watson)
  • Coaches' Duty of Care Revisited (Taken from the Sport Law & Strategy Group website
  • Coaches Can Shape Young Athletes' Definition of Success (University of Washington)
  • When Parents Should Coach Their Own Child (Jack Perconte)
  • Developing a Coaching Philosophy (Steve Mergelsberg)
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (Taken from
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   Spring 2011

  • Pyramid of Success
  • Promoting Healthy Body Image in Female Athletes (Joanna Zelichowska and Josie Geller)
  • Sports Letter Interview: Sheila Robertson Explores the Challenges for Female Coaches (
  • What are the Signs of Competitive Stress (Janet LeBlanc and Loise Dickson)
  • The Contentious Issue of Equal Playing Time (Jane Pitt)
  • How Do I Get this Generation of Athletes to Work Hard (Wayne Goldsmith)
  • National Coaching Institute Graduate Profiles
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  Winter 2011

  • How Can I Maximize Recovery After a Workout? (Patricia Chuey)
  • Brain Matters (
  • Integrating Menal Skills into Practice and Training (Laura Farres)
  • Tim Frick  - Paralympic Coach Excellence Award
  • Empowering Conversations with Your Child (Positive Coaching Alliance)
  • Team BC Coaches Prepare for Halifax
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   Fall 2010

  • The Mind of a Child
  • Coaches are Undervalued, but Powerful (Paul Chapman)
  • The Importance of a Dynamic Warm Up in Maximizing Performance (Will Stewart)
  • Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Tournaments Keep the olympic Spirit Alive 
  • Run Strong: Effective Strength, Power and Core Training for the Endurance Runner (Jon-Erik Kawamoto)
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   Summer 2010

  • SCAT Card - Sport Concussion Assessment Tool
  • Coaching Asthmatic Athletes
  • On Your Mark With... Lacrosse (Jeff Gombar & Darcy Rhodes)
  • The Advanced Coaching Diploma: A New Curriculum for Canada's Top Coaches (Dave Hill)
  • Integrating Athletic Ready Position into a Lacrosse Practice (Josh Neumann)
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Spring 2010

  • Injury Prevention Improves Performance - Volleyball (Spencer Holowachuk)
  • Periodization... A Q&A excerpt from Tudor Bompa
  • Mental Training - Relaxation Techniques (Laura Watson)
  • NCCP Evaluation... What is it and when does it occur?
  • What Have We Learned from the 2010 Games (Laura Watson & Will Stewart)
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 Winter 2010

  • Eating for Cold Weather Exercise (Elizabeth Quinn)
  • On Your Mark... With Gymnastics
  • Impact of Personal Technology Devices on Team Building (Jaime Hickson)
  • Some Thoughts About Sport's Future (Rachel Corbett)
  • Paint the Town Red, Canada!
  • Golf Specific Strength & Conditioning (Steve Ramsbottom)
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Summer/Fall 2009

  • Road Trip: Fueling up for success (Dana Lis)
  • On Your Mark... With Cycling
  • Leaving a Leadership Legacy (Joe Hitchcock)
  • Coaching the Coach: balancing the four-spoked teeter-totter (Shauna Grinke)
  • An Introduction to Plyometric Training (Steve Ramsbottom)
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   Spring 2009

  • Meet the New Team "Manager" - Google Sites (Laura Watson)
  • On Your Mark... With BC Athletics
  • Coaches Week 2008 - A Retrospective
  • Communication 101 for Coaches (Shauna Grinke)
  • Physical Punishment of Children in Sport and Recreation (Ron Ensom and Joan Durrant)
  • Coaching Character (Jeff Grace)
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   Winter 2009

  • Nutrition Strategies for Coaches (Dana Lis)
  • Sport Conditioning Basics - Part III (Rob Williams)
  • Coaches Week 2008 - A Retrospective
  • Video Analysis Technology - Not Just for the Elite (Judy Latoski)
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   Fall 2008

  • BC Coaches Week Special Edition
  • Sport Conditioning Basics - Part II (Rob Williams)
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About NCCP (Chantelle Reinkens)
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   Summer 2008

  • Coaching Young Girls (Elaine Allison)
  • Posture for Performance (Rob Williams)
  • Sport Conditioning Basics - Part I (Rob Williams)
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  Spring 2008

  • Coach Recovery (Anne Muscat, Laura Farres)
  • Dialogue on Ethical Issues   (Sheila Robertson)
  • The F (Failure) Word (Jeff Grace)
  • To Be or Not To Be an Educated Coach (Chris Johnson)
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   Winter 2008

  • In Pursuit of Excellence - Excerpt (Terry Orlick)
  • Training Quality of Movement (Steve Ramsbottom)
  • Positive Effects of Protein Consumption
  • Video Analysis Technology - Dartfish
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Fall 2007

  • Goal Setting and Motivation are Teammates (Heather Young and Leanna Mack)
  • Guidelines for Guilding Motivation (Donna Perry)
  • Where Have All the Coaches Gone (Gordon May)
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   Summer 2007

  • Can We Play the Game Now? (Tim Hopper & Joy Butler)
  • The Influence of Confidence and Emotion (Laura Farres)
  • Mind Games (Donna Pery)
Perspective magazine cover

   Spring 2007

  • Mindful Running
  • Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  • A Question of Coaching Skills (Kristine Chambers)
  • The Spring is Sprung...  the grass is ris, I wonder where the ball player is? (Chris Johnson)
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   Winter 2007

  • Team BC Readies for 2007 Canada Winter Games
  • Knowing the Law (Hilary Findlay, Rachel Corbett, Steve Indig)
  • Spirit, Skill, and the Balance Point for the Adolescent Athlete (Jo-Ann Kates Weiler)
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   Fall 2006

  • Energy Drinks (Jennifer Gibson)
  • Resolving Conflict in Sport (Gordon Rogers)
  • Attitude is Everything
  • More than Just the Finish (Neil McKinlay)
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   Summer/Fall 2006

  • Improving Your Ability to Image
  • Teens and Steroids
  • Triathlon Training - Recovery: is it in your training plan? (Steve Fluett)
  • Understanding the Vulnerability of Power
  • HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & Sport
  • Five Strategies for Better Time Management (Ashley Kipp)
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   Spring 2006

  • Hydration Strategy
  • Concussion - A Heads Up for Coaches & Partents (Heather Kent)
  • Laying the Framework for Optimal Coach Career Pathways (Richard Way & Declan O'Leary)
  • How You Practice May Be More Important Than What You Practice
  • Why Respect Opponents?
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   Summer 2005

  • Coaching Tips for Improving Youth Sport Experiences
  • Creating a Safe Playing Environmnet for Your Athletes
  • On Top of the World (Elaine Hung)
  • Ethics Symposium (Bob Conn)
  • Improving Core Stability to Help Swimming (Steve Ramsbottom)
  • A Good Sport Knows How to Lose (Bill Bradley)
  • Douglas College Coaching Diploma Program (Tim Frick)
  • Eating On The Road (Patricia Chuey)
  • Knowing the Law - The Coach-Athlete Relationship: A Legal View (Steven Indig)
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  Winter 2005

  • Canada's Physical Activity Guides for Children and Youth
  • When in Doubt, Stay Out!
  • Beware When You Enter A Health Food Store (David Hennessey)
  • SIRC - Canada's Sport Information Resource Centre
  • It Takes Something Special: Special Olympics Coaches Help Athletes Win in Sport - and in Life (Elaine Hung)
  • Eat Your Veggies
  • The Female Athlete TRIAD
  • I Hope They Didn't Bring Apple Juice... (Steve Simmons)
  • Identifying Your Anger Threshold