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Active Advent 2016


Active Advent Calendar

The holidays can be a particularly stressful time for everyone. Even the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) agrees. That’s why we’ve created an Active Advent Calendar of ways to sneak some physical hustle into the holiday bustle.

Sneaking in even small amounts of exercise can help decrease stress, reduce the impact of caloric indulgence and ease the feeling of isolation often associated with the holidays. Cheers to an #ActiveAdvent!




Day 1

Don't settle for the first tree you see at the Christmas tree lot - you deserve the best! Ponder over and examine every single tree as an easy way to get some extra steps into your day. 

Day 02

Time to transform your home into a winter wonderland! Wander into the woods to find cedar boughs and pine cones to place throughout the house.

Day 3

Been a while since you set foot in a sled and flew down a hill? Hustle up to the nearest hill to satisfy your inner need for speed. Bonus points if you make your own sled.

Day 4

Take me out to the snowball fight! This classic winter activity will have you huffing and puffing in no time. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Day 5

Shopping for presents? Speed it up! Power shopping can raise your heart rate for a quick dose of healthy heart pumping activity.

Day 6

Take an evening stroll to scope out the best Christmas lights in the neighbourhood, or head to a local Christmas light display event!

Day 7

Are those holiday treats we smell? While whipping up delicious holiday treats, use the whisk instead of a hand mixer or stand up mixer.

Day 8

There's an entire winter wonderland out there just waiting to be discovered! Strap on those snoeshoes and  immerse yourself in the beauty of BC.

Day 12

It's easy enough to place presents into a bag and stuff tissue paper on top, but what's the fun in that? Hand wrap presents while standing instead! 

Day 10

Take your favourite holiday songs out of the house and into the streets. Caroling with family & friends is a great way to get some fresh winter air. 

Day 11

Hand wash and dry your dishes  instead of using the dishwasher after holiday dinner. Nothing like socializing in the kitchen. 

Day 9

“The attraction of snowboarding is the freedom it gives you. With a snowboard on your feet, the sky is the limit. You can do anything and go anywhere.”

Day 13

Cue Disney's "Do You Want To Build A Snowman"! It's time for a snowman showdown. Grab friends and family to see who can build the biggest snowman of all. 

Day 14

Baby, it's cold outside! Take advantage of the cold weather to do some winter cleaning and tidying. Those windows and floors unfortunately won't scrub themselves. 

Day 15

Think curling is easy? Think again. Top-level sweepers can burn up to 500 calories an hour. Try this extremely physical and strategic Canadian sport for yourself!

Day 16

Heading out for holiday festivities? Walk to your destination instead. Need to go by car? Park as far away as you possibly can from your destination! 

Day 17

"We are the children of winter, and we are blessed. Blessed to know the thrill of speed and the joy of air. Blessed to welcome the shortest days of the year. Blessed to realize the world is our playground."

Day 18

Nothing beats rocking about the Christmas tree after a hearty dinner. Rearrange the living room and bust off those dance moves you've been working on all year.

Day 19

Yay, another commercial break! Said no one ever. Make the time during pesky holiday commercials pass by faster by doing ten pushups, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks or burpees.

Day 20

If you're flying home for the holidays, walk around the terminal while waiting for your flight. Especially handy during those inevitable holiday flight delays. 


Shovelling your driveway? Squeeze in an extra ten minutes by shovelling the sidewalk as well. Or even shovel your neighbour's driveway!


No holiday season is complete without a visit to a skating rink. Put on those skates and get ready to glide (or fall) on the shimmery ice. 

Day 23

Calling loved ones who like a long chatter? Use the opportunity to walk and pace around while you're talking on the phone. 

Day 24

Determine the order for unwrapping presents by hosting a family fitness contest. Whoever wins gets to unwrap their presents first! 

Day 25

Happy holidays! We wish you a playful holiday season, filled with laughter and meaningful connections!