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viaSport Staff


  • Sheila Bouman

    Sheila Bouman

    Chief Executive Officer

Business Operations

  • Caitlin Pentifallo

    Caitlin Pentifallo Gadd

    Director, Strategic Investment
  • Lovell Godinho

    Lovell Godinho

  • Scott Stefani

    Scott Stefani

    Manager, Grants
  • Yena Kim

    Yena Kim

    Business Operations Coordinator
  • Coming soon

    Shawna Lawson

    Analyst, Strategic Investment


  • Michelle Tice

    Michelle Tice

    Director, Communications & Engagement
  • Kelly Aldinger

    Kelly Aldinger

    Manager, Community Engagement & Brand
  • Isabelle Mate

    Isabelle Mate

    Communications Specialist, Web & Design
  • Lisa Hsieh

    Lisa Hsieh

    Communications Coordinator

viaSport Media

  • Dave Stewart

    Executive Producer
  • Jared headshot

    Jared Featherstone

    Associate Producer

Sport Development / Coaching

  • Jessica Kym

    Director, Sport Development
  • Heather Beatty

    Heather Beatty

    Acting Director, Sport Services
  • Eric Sinker

    Eric Sinker

    Manager, Coaching & Officiating
  • Elisabeth Walker-Young

    Elisabeth Walker-Young

    Manager, Inclusion & Sport for Life
  • Robyn Hughs

    Robyn Hughes

    Coaching and Sport Coordinator
  • Kate Kloos

    Kate Kloos

    Contractor, Coaching
  • Matthew Ewen

    Matthew Ewen

    Lead for the Northern Sport Accessibility Initiative